Wicomico County Fair


The annual Wicomico County Fair features entertainment and attractions for all ages including games, animals, home arts, auctions, music, local vendors, rides and lots of competitions.

The Wicomico Farm and Home Show has partnered with Wicomico County to expand on the many years of tradition surrounding this event.


Wicomico Farm & Home Show Officers

Zach Evans, President
Maggie Ball, Vice President
Debbie Oland, Treasurer
Thomas Bluestone, Secretary
Alan Gravenor, Immediate Past President

Wicomico Farm & Home Show Directors

Darlene Alexander
Danny Hammond
Adam Phillips
Tri Townsend
Wade Wilkins
Melodie Carter
Bettie Collins
Cindy Hochmuth
Mark Timmons
Kim Arnold
Vivian Calder
Robert Jeter
Becky Mason
Donna Short
Whit Townsend, WF&HS Intern

The Maryland Agriculture Fair Board

Diane E. Geary, Chair
Hal R. Spielman, Vice Chair
David W. Cavey
Linda Brown
Jo Ann Cashman
Daniel W. Mast
Constance (Connie) Palmer
James R. Moxley, III

In Memory

Iva Mae Gravenor
Norman Gravenor
Pete Richardson
Donna Ennis